Audio engine written in C/C++ that leverages GPGPU (CUDA) to perform largescale additive synthesis. Aimed at addressing common performance bottlenecks found when running highly accurate procedural sound models on a CPU.

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Timeline: October 2018 - Ongoing


wwise suite

Various plugins written to extend the Wwise authoring tool. Current list includes:
Wavetable oscillator (using FFTs and linear interpolation)
Bitcrusher FX (bitrate reduction, downsampling, clipping)
Transient Shaper (envelope following with saturation)

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Timeline: March 2019 - Ongoing

Wwise Suite


résumé (PDF)

Audio programmer for games based in the UK. Primarily focused on procedural synthesis and it's practical applications. Aim to build tools that expand the game audio repertoire.

Sound designer in a previous life:
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morph: part 01

First part in series of posts dedicated to C/C++ audio application optimisation.

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First posted: July 2019

empathetic noise

Essay discussing how the soundscape in A Silent Voice intersects with the film's themes on disability and social isolation.

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First posted: June 2017

fighting loudness

A brief report on the perceived loudness of recent fighting games, using LUFS measurements as a baseline.

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First posted: May 2017